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About Informationssakerhet.se

Informationssäkerhet.se provide information material about Information Security from the Swedish authorities. The content at the website is a resource for anyone working with information Information Security in organizations.

The logotype of Informationssakerhet.se


The website Informationssakerhet.se

The purpose of the website is primarily to support Information Security Management in the public sector. Informationssäkerhet.se is a cooperation between the following Swedish governmental agencies:

Content at the website

Informationssakerhet.se offers:

  • Guidance for implementing an Information Security Management System
  • Guidelines in specific areas of Information Security
  • Reports
  • News

The information material target those who are involved in the management of Information Security  in the organisation. Primarily decision makers (management, line managers, system owners etc.) and Informations Security Managers.

The Informationssakerhet.se is hosted and managed by the MSB and the agency is also responsible for the content published at the website.

Contact details

Contact information for the web editors of Informationsakerhet.se

E-mail: redaktionen@informationssakerhet.se

Postal address
Redaktionen Informationssakerhet.se
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

MSB Switchboard: +46 (0) 771-240 240

Website: MSB.se

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